Workers' Compensation

It is your right under Florida Law to make a claim for Workers Compensation when you have suffered an injury in the course and scope of your employment. The most common type of accident involves lifting injuries or slip/fall injuries but, unknown to many people, they also have a workers compensation claim when they are hurt from the repetitive stress of certain work related activities. Carpel tunnel syndrome is often the result of repetitive stress which may occur on the job. Exposure to chemicals, dust, fumes, animals or other work/environmental exposures may result in disease or death which are also covered under the Florida Workers Compensation laws.

Unfortunately, many employers are angered when a worker reports an injury on the job and decide to retaliate against the employee by harassing or humiliating the employee at work to get the injured worker to quit. Some employers even fire an employee because of reporting an injury on the job. This is illegal in Florida. If this has happened to you, call us immediately. At Bloom, Kinnear & Renick we fight this illegal conduct by filing a law suit in circuit court and demand the employer pay lost wages, damages for the mental and emotional distress this conduct has caused and punitive damages (to punish the employer for engaging in this illegal conduct).

South Florida residents who have been hurt at work need an experienced workers compensation attorney, all attorneys at Bloom, Kinnear & Renick are experienced at workers compensation claims. With a combined 48 years of experience, not many can provide the same service we can.

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