Recent Results

Elevator Accident

When our client entered the elevator in his apartment building, the door suddenly closed on him, striking him on the left side and knocking him to the floor. As a result he suffered a broken hip. Bloom & Kinnear filed suit against the elevator maintenance company that was responsible for servicing the apartments’ elevators.

Fall From Scaffold

Client suffered a fall from a scaffold some 20 feet to the ground causing spinal cord injuries.
His employer lied about how the accident occurred in order to deny workers' compensation benefits to him. The employer coerced two employees into signing false statements to support his lies. The firm of Bloom & Kinnear took the case and prevailed at trial winning lifetime disability and medical benefits including attendant care. Additionally we succeeded in obtaining a four bedroom home modified to be wheel-chair accessible for the client and his family which the workers compensation insurance company paid for.

Fall From Height At Work

Client worked for a company that maintained foliage for commercial clients. While watering plants in the atrium of a shopping mall she fell suffering several broken bones. Bloom & Kinnear was successful in obtaining a large settlement at mediation the day before trial was scheduled.

Pressure Hose Explosion At Work

A pressurized sandblaster hose exploded at work causing Client fall backwards and strike his head causing a concussion. As a result he sustained a closed head injury and brain damage. After succeeding at trial and on appeal our Client won lifetime disability payments and medical care including full time attendant care.


Client twisted her back when she slipped on a wet floor in a bathroom at work. As a result, she developed a disc herniation impinging upon the spinal cord. Before trial the workers compensation insurance company offered $250,000 which the Client rejected. Before closing arguments at trial the insurance carrier settled for $750,000.00.

Retaliatory Discharge By Employer

After Client was injured on the job and requested medical care and disability benefits his employer began to harass and humiliate him in front of his co-workers to get him to quit. When he refused to quit he was fired. When he hired Bloom & Kinnear a lawsuit was filed against the employer for violating Florida Statute 440.205 which states that it is illegal for an employer to harass or fire an employee for making a workers compensation claim. Prior to trial, the employer agreed to settle the claim for $225,000.00

Automobile Accident Causing Miscarriage

Client who was five months pregnant was involved in an auto accident causing her to miscarry. Bloom & Kinnear recovered the policy limits $500,000.