Wrongful Termination

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If you have been involved in a work accident and your employer fired you because you were claiming benefits under workers' compensation, you have a legal claim against your employer for wrongful firing (often referred to as a Retaliatory Discharge). If you were wrongfully fired after having a work accident, or if an employer refuses to hire you because you had a work accident, contact Bloom & Kinnear immediately. You may be entitled to wrongful termination damages including lost wages, mental and emotional distress, and punitive damages for an employers' illegal conduct.

Our law firm does not tolerate wrongful employee termination. If you or a loved one is in need of legal representation related to a wrongful termination, contact the law firm of Bloom & Kinnear today! We offer free initial consultations to all of our clients.

Don't Back Down to Threats in a Wrongful Discharge! Call a Lawyer!

Employers will try and intimidate workers for whistle blowing, or pressure employees who have filed workers' compensation claims, and that is illegal. Getting yourself a Miami Wrongful Termination Lawyer is the first step towards recovering your compensation and getting back to normal.